Our Mission

We are driven by our mission to develop real estate backed investment opportunities that deliver above market returns with moderate risk

This investment class offers a great geographic and risk diversification for any investment portfolio and is designed to provide greater than average market returns compared to other asset classes that require a medium-term time horizon of three to five years.

Our Services

  • Assist investors to navigate the Portuguese Real Estate Market with confidence
  • Realize projects from start to finish including feasibility and technical studies
  • Powerful go to market strategies to help monetize their assets

Our Methodology

Success in the real estate development business is not a matter of luck but of discipline.

The willingness to consider all aspects ahead of time, studying the laws and regulations governing the refurbishment or realization of a new project,  use imagination to unlock the best use of an asset that goes beyond the obvious and start with the end in mind.

Join us

We are currently actively looking for accredited investors to realize several residential real estate developments near Lisbon and the Algarve. To learn more how you can earn a great return on your interest contact us now.

Our legal and tax partners can advise you on Golden Visa opportunities, obtaining a European passport and how to optimize your taxes.

The age of discovery made Portugal a world power in the 15th century , it’s time to discover the opportunity in today’s modern Portugal
Marc Frey - Founder
Real Estate Investments Portugal
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