MYREI LDA, with offices in Lisbon, specializes in Investment Advisory, Project Development and Marketing, focusing on opportunities in the Portuguese Real Estate Market.


“We are driven by our mission to develop real estate backed investment opportunities that deliver above market returns with moderate risk ”


This investment class offers a great geographic and risk diversification for any investment portfolio and is designed to provide greater than average market returns compared to other asset classes that require a medium-term time horizon of three to five years.

The company is overseen and managed by a US and Swiss private investment group with extensive experience in medium to large scale residential real estate developments, branded hotel projects, private golf clubs and assisted living facilities in Europe, Canada, and the United States.

Our shared resources and extensive network of local experts will guarantee the successful completion of projects in Portugal with the ability to manage projects along the entire value chain from beginning to end.


“We are co-investors in all of our projects”


Our investment approach is based on thorough research into legal, technical and market considerations; using the best suited architects, engineers and construction companies; tight oversight of all development phases; and positioning our projects with the end in mind, working with our network of real estate brokers from the outset. This holistic approach combined with our powerful go to market strategy are the basis of our success.


Development Team:
Marc Frey, Partner, investments, development, marketing
Anuska Frey, Partner, real estate, interior design, landscaping
Joao Vieira de Almeida (CORE), licensing, project realization
Tim Thomas, Architectural Consultant


Marketing Team:
IT and digital marketing: Marjan Jaklin
Content: Marco Frey
Graphics: Anna Hervorkian

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