18 Reasons Why the Portuguese Luxury Real Estate Market Will Stay Strong

Regardless if you are a visitor or seeking a new country to call home; regardless if you are a digital Nomad or ready for an active retirement, Portugal offers many reasons why it has become a favorite among foreign buyers and investors. The fundamental reasons will continue to be a strong driver for the luxury segment of the Portuguese real estate market despite the impacts of conflict, climate change or economic swings.

Discover why Portugal will benefit from an upcoming 50-billion-dollar real estate boom.

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1 People

The Portuguese are known to be open minded and helpful to foreigners. Having expanded their influence throughout the world during the discovery area, the pendulum has now swung back, and Portugal is being discovered by many foreigners as a tourist destination and a place to work or retire. Furthermore, the Portuguese are known to be a reliable work force and the low cost of living means that salaries in Portugal are lower than in most other European countries.

2 Climate

Portugal generally has a mild climate that varies between the north and the South. Lisbon is known as the sunniest capital of Europe.

3 Tax benefits

Foreigners often benefit from the NHR status and Golden Visa program and double taxation treaties, which opens up the opportunity to optimize your tax burden.

4 European passport

For immigrants interested in acquiring a European passport, Portugal is a good option, allowing them to apply for citizenship after 5 years.

5 Nature

With its long coastline, dramatic cliffs, interior forests and rolling hills, valleys and wineries Portugal offers many beautiful sights and diverse ecosystems for sightseeing and recreational purposes.

6 Infrastructure

The country is well connected. There are 250 non-stop flights from Lisbon. You can take the train from Lisbon to Porto and be there in 3 hours, the same time it takes to drive on the modern highway network. Portugal is the leading in renewable energy and High speed is available throughout the country.

7 Low cost of living

Portugal has one of the lowest cost of living in Europe, lower than the USA/CAN etc.

The cost-of-living index in Lisbon is generally lower than in other comparable capitals, but higher savings can be had in smaller towns on the coast or interior.

8 Affordable Healthcare

There are two healthcare systems that provide services at a high standard. The public facilities are free, and the excellent private hospitals/doctor network is very affordable through a local insurance program.

9 Education

Educational choices are abundant, including many international schools and esteemed universities that offer globally recognized degrees in civil engineering, MBA, and many other faculties.

10 Real Estate prices represent a good value

While Real Estate prices have been on the rise, generally Portugal still offers good values for the investment. The quality of new buildings is generally high and renovated apartments offer modern amenities benefitting from the high standard of engineering and building capabilities.

11 Foreign Investment

Both companies and individuals have discovered the value and opportunities to invest in the Portuguese economy. This stretches far beyond just Real Estate including tourism, retirement living, technology, transportation, energy, and manufacturing. Portugal continues to evolve into a modern European country with a high standard of living.

12 The Gateway to Europe and the World

Whether you want to access the European market or be in the most central location to other continents, Portugal once again plays a central role in exchange of people, goods, and culture.

13 History, Culture

Portugal in its present form has been on the map since the 14th century. With a rich history and architectural marvels, there is a true sense of tradition while at the same time there is a forward-looking attitude.

14 Peaceful

No. 4 of the Global Peace Index. There is a general feel of safety and low crime both in the countryside as well as metropolitan areas.

15 Space

With a population Index of 112 inhabitants per km2, Portugal feels less crowded than most major European countries (Compare Germany’s 232 inhabitants per km2 as an example).

16 Image

Since its acceptance to the European Union in 1986 Portugal has transformed itself to a modern European country without losing its own identity. Along with that, there has been a steady rise in its image among foreigners.

17 Food & Wine

A healthy and diverse agricultural industry ensures fresh local produce, fruit and meat and its access to unspoiled Atlantic waters is a feast for sea-food lovers. While traditional recipes are still the main staple, modern interpretations by a new generation of chefs delights the more discerning palate. Wine production is nearly everywhere in Portugal producing good quality wines at very affordable prices. Immigrants add flavors from Nepal, Italy, France, India, Japan, and China. Small family run restaurants are the norm and prices make it affordable for families to enjoy a meal together.

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